Crisis Management Training


The ability to effectively manage a crisis or a critical incident is central to any international organisation’s duty of care. In an age of rolling news and widespread social media adoption, this is especially important.

Having the systems in place, and the people in post, to manage the media message and support staff when they are in danger, is a critical piece of the modern management jigsaw and a benchmark in establishing responsible employment practices.

The ILS Crisis Management Training package provides international organisations with the skills to become more effective crisis managers. We help our clients understand the complexities and challenges that come with supporting staff and their families during times of extreme stress and confusion. This way, the organisation is able to act decisively for the benefit of their staff, programmes, stakeholders, and ultimately, their reputation.

The training examines the psychological needs and pressures placed upon the crisis managers, the victims, their families and other colleagues during times of crisis.


This Crisis Management Training Programme is a high impact, simulation based, interactive learning experience that utilises multimedia formats. It tests systems and teaches managers the critical skills required to be a successful crisis management team member.


This training is for Crisis Managers, at all levels, including Senior Leadership Teams, Human Resource Professionals, Communications Professionals, Crisis Administrators and Security Focal Points.