Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence, Intelli-TRIP is a cost-effective online portal for the management of travel risk backed by a Traveller App that can measure, manage and reduce your staff and students’ exposure to risk.

We offer a number of license types suitable for all types and sizes of organisations:

  • Pay-Per-User - pay monthly for the number of active users
  • Pay-Per-Trip - annual subscription + small fee for each Risk Assessment created
  • Enterprise License - annual subscription for 500-2000 active users

Secure Instant Messaging Portal

Individual Travel Risk Assessment

Next Generation Traveller Check-in Functionality

Travel Risk Management Dashboard


Travel Risk Management is a major concern for many large organisations, especially Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), who battle with the challenges presented by increasing amounts of international travel, complex duty of care obligations, siloed risk management processes, budgetary pressure and a broad perception of risk by a wide variety of stakeholders.

At ILS we understand that to meet these challenges organisations need a solution that works not only for the institutions themselves, but for each and every staff member, student and academic supervisor in a way that offsets the risk of travel, in a straightforward, pragmatic and affordable manner.


Intelli-TRIP is a fully integrated online travel risk management platform designed to help you measure, manage and reduce travel risk. The platform is backed by a smartphone App that is used by travellers to assess their risk, communicate with their organisation, check in, or ask for help when they need it.

Intelli-TRIP can be integrated with your Travel Management Company thereby providing an end-to-end travel and risk management solution.

Users will benefit from:

  • Risk appropriate travel management for EVERY overseas trip
  • Automated risk assessments and travel safety guidance for EVERY overseas trip
  • An institution specific risk tolerance setting, against which all travel is measured
  • Notification of any high risk travel
  • A communication portal that allows you to instantly message travellers
  • The ability to rapidly locate large numbers of travellers in a crisis
  • A traveller check-in function so you know that everyone is safe at the click of a button
  • A demonstrable risk audit trail
  • Improved compliance with travel protocols
  • Travel risk integration with TMC processes for travel approval
  • An annual workshop with our Travel Risk Advisor Team