Security Risk Management Training


As the global security environment has worsened over the past decade and attacks against aid agencies have increased, it has become ever more important for International Organisations to embed safety and security risk management into the lifecycle of their programmes.

That means that the right people with the right skills need to be in post to carry out their role. This extends far beyond the traditional corporate HQ security manager. It is now recognised that programme staff, at all levels, should have the relevant skills to manage security in resource-poor settings.


Drawing from our experience of field operations and our understanding of accepted best practice; we offer 2 or 3 day security risk management training programmes that can be delivered to your staff at their offices worldwide.

Using participatory learning approaches and real life case study examples, we build the capacity of your staff to deliver safe programmes. Because the course is structured around your policies, the programme also helps build a ‘culture’ of security across teams and increases buy-in to your organizational safety and security management framework.

At the end of the training, delegates will be able to:

• Describe their roles and responsibilities in relation to safety & security 
• Develop a security plan
• Develop a contingency plan 
• Deliver a security budget 
• Describe how to develop a context, threat and risk assessment
• Describe basic critical incident management procedures
• Develop a premises and communications plan
• Describe good travel management procedures

Who is it for?

This programme is suitable for any staff with security risk management responsibilities.