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Putting people at the heart of risk management.
Putting people at the heart of risk management.

Risk Advisory Services. Safety and Security Learning Programmes. Travel Safety Management Solutions.

We work globally with NGOs, Academic Institutions, campaigners and media groups, supporting them to become more resilient and better able to meet their duty of care responsibilities, even in the most challenging environments.

Our Mission

We believe in empowering those who are building a better world. Placing Humanity at the heart of our solutions, we work in partnership with individuals and organisations to enhance their resilience.

Our Values

We are driven by the values of humanity, respect, compassion and creativity.

What We Do

We deliver robust, comprehensive and innovative support to security risk management challenges worldwide.

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How We Work

We tailor all our services to your needs. By working hard to understand your organisation, its threats and vulnerabilities, our in-house team of advisors and trainers will deliver risk appropriate, pragmatic support that is aligned to your risk appetite. Our team are committed and experienced risk management professionals, all of whom have extensive experience of living, and delivering programmes in, complex settings.

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Risk Advisory

Our in-house risk advisory team have national, regional and global security risk management experience. We understand the field and we understand the boardroom. We follow rigorous project management and quality assurance processes to ensure that our security risk advice is targeted, concise and innovative. Whether you require a travel risk assessment, a security risk management framework or crisis management support - our team deliver punctual, tailored expert solutions.

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Learning Programmes

We love to be creative with the development and delivery of our learning programmes and consequently, stand apart from other security learning providers. Whether you are the chairman of the board or a driver, or you sit somewhere between the two, we have a learning programme that will enable you to deliver your mission safely and effectively.

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Travel Risk Management

Not every organisation has the tools and resources to manage travel security in-house. So we have developed an end-to-end travel risk management solution that delivers threat and risk assessments, personal tracking and an emergency number. In partnership with ILS, you can ensure that your organisation achieves their duty of care.